ProjectWise Web View is a web based access to projects located in ProjectWise. In ProjectWise Web View, it is only possible to view files and download files. You cannot edit files or upload new files.

Employees and internal consultants in the Danish Road Directorate can view and download data from all projects located in ProjectWise. External collaborators can also view projects via ProjectWise Web View, but only in projects they are associated with.

ProjectWise Web View can be accessed by clicking on this link: ProjectWise Web View or by clicking on the shortcut received from the Danish Road Directorate's ProjectWise Support.

Access to ProjectWise Web View

The first time you access a project in ProjectWise Web View, you must create a user profile. Subsequently, you can simply log in.
  • Internal: If you, as an internal employee at the Danish Road Directorate, need to view files in a project that you are not associated with, you have free access to the project via ProjectWise Web View.
  • External: If you, as an external collaborator, want to see files in a project that you do not have access to, you must write an email to one of the project's project managers. The project manager must approve access to the project, and send a request to the Danish Road Directorate's ProjectWise Support (