Before you can access ProjectWise Web or ProjectWise Web View, you must create a user profile.
This user profile is your personal entrance to Bentley's Connect website, where i.a. ProjectWise Web and ProjectWise Web View are located, and you have access to all the projects you are associated with and need to work on.

The following steps will guide you through creating your user profile:

  1. A) ProjectWise Web: If you are going to work on a project in ProjectWise Web, you should have received an email in your mail inbox with information on that you have been added to a project in ProjectWise Web.
    In the email, click on 'View Project'.

    B) ProjectWise Web View: If you need to view files in a project in ProjectWise Web View, you can click on the 'ProjectWise Web View' shortcut that you have received from ProjectWise Support or click here: ProjectWise Web View​​.

  2. You will now be sent to Bentley's website to create your profile.
    In the field 'Email Address', enter your email address. Then click 'Next'.

  3. Click on 'Send Request'. You will now receive an email from Bentley with a verification code.

  4. In the email received from Bentley you will find a verification code.

    Copy the code from the email and paste it in the 'Verification Code' field. Then click 'Verify'.

  5. Now enter your desired password (twice) for your login to ProjectWise Web.
    There are no rules for this password to be changed after a certain time interval, so choose a password you can remember.Vælg_Password.png
  6. After entering your password, click 'Reset'
    NOTE: It is recommended that you change your password for ProjectWise Web approx. once every three months.

  7. Read Bentley's 'Terms of Service and Privacy Policy'.
  8. After reading the text, check the box below 'I agree to the Bentley Systems Terms of Service and Privacy Policy' and
    subsequently click 'I accept'.

  9. Now complete your profile by typing in your first name, last name, country and preferred communication language.
    Click 'Submit'  when the informations has been typed in.

  10. Click your email-address. 

  11. Enter your password that you just created.
    When you have entered your password, then click ​'Sign In'.

  12. Your profile has now been created and you will be sent to ProjectWise Web.
    Future logins to ProjectWise Web or ProjectWise Web View just requires you to click on your email address and enter your password.​