The model gives an overview of the critical dimension regarding geotechnical layers.

Based on e.g. geotechnical drilling, this 3D model contains a triangulated surface of e.g. soft soil within the project area. The model indicates the bottom level of the layer encountered and is only regarded as supplementary information.



The model is based on estimates from the geotechnical investigations and can be used for estimating volumes and costs as well as choosing solutions for the design.

LOD 100

LOD 200

LOD 300

LOD 325

LOD 400

LOG 100

LOG 200

LOG 300

LOG 325

LOG 400


Not relevant



Sublayers are modelled as 3D triangulated surfaces e.g. top and bottom of soft soil.​







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Not relevant​


LOI 100

LOI 200

LOI 300

LOI 325

LOI 400




DDA Layers

Geometrical parameters








Naming of layers:

The providing of data shall take place in accordance with the names of layers mentioned below:​


 Existing subsurface

Fastbundskurve, usikker - 1 m.Fastbundskurve, usikker, 1 meterFastbundskurve usikker 1 m
Lagfølgeboring, fastbundLagfølgeboring fastbundLagfølgeboring Fastbund
Lagfølgeboring, terrænLagfølgeboring terrænLagfølgeboring Terræn
KoteangivelseAngivelse af koteKoteangivelse
Fastbundskurve - 1 m.Fastbundskurve, 1 meterFastbundskurve 1 m
Fastbundskurve, usikker - ½ m.Fastbundskurve, usikker, ½ meterFastbundskurve usikker ½ m
Fastbundskurve - ½ m.Fastbundskurve, ½ meterFastbundskurve ½ m
Tekst, diverseDiverse tekstDiv tekst
BlødbundsafgrænsningAfgrænsning af blødbundBlødbundsafgrænsning
Blødbundsafgrænsning, usikkerAfgrænsning af blødbund, usikkerBlødbundsafgrænsning usikker