The survey model contains 3D data in form of points or/and break lines showing the existing terrain. The survey can be based on different measurement types with different levels of detail and accuracy.  

The survey model is the basis for the existing terrain model. 



The model is used to generate triangulated surfaces e.g.:

  • Existing situation
  • As-built situation
  • Understanding the limitations and possibilities within the project’s area.


LOD 100

LOD 200

LOD 300

LOD 325

LOD 400

LOG 100

LOG 200

LOG 300

LOG 325

LOG 400


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Survey is represented by 3D data. 3D data is be represented as points, lines and polygon. Survey can also be a classified point cloud.


urvey is represented by 3D data. 3D data is represented as 3D objects eg. triangulated surfaces, solids, meshs, lines etc.





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Not relavant​

LOI 100

LOI 200

LOI 300

LOI 325

LOI 400




DDA Layers

Geometrical parameters