The clearance profiles must be based on the alignment and corridor and follow the final level of the road according to the requirements in the Danish road standard “Grundlag for udformning af trafikarealer” section 6.3.


The 3D geometry of the clearance profile will be used to ensure free passage as well as the necessary clearance for related constructions.

LOD 100

LOD 200

LOD 300

LOD 325

LOD 400

LOG 100

LOG 200

LOG 300

LOG 325

LOG 400


Not relevant


Not relevant




3D model of correct outer geometry of the clearance profiles.​


Not relevant


Not relevant

LOI 100

LOI 200

LOI 300

LOI 325

LOI 400




DDA Layers

Geometrical parameters

2D text indicating design criteria of clearance profile (e.g. height and width)








Naming of layers:

The providing of data shall take place in accordance with the names of layers mentioned below:​



 Clearance for roads and paths

FritrumsprofilFritrumsprofil for underført vej/baneTX_-_INF_FrPrf