This model type contains all designed terrain e.g.:

  • Spoil areas
  • Excavation
  • Designed terrain for structures
  • Borrow areas
  • Other permanent earth works

The location and shape of the areas must be calculated and designed in the 3D model as surfaces. The model must be modelled so it is possible to calculate the volume to existing terrain. The model must include the surface and the connection to the existing terrain as breaklines.



The model is used for planning of quantities as well as design and construction of earth works.

LOD 100

LOD 200

LOD 300

LOD 325

LOD 400

LOG 100

LOG 200

LOG 300

LOG 325

LOG 400








3D model of the earth works with connections to interfacing stuctures and excavations.



Not relevant


Not relevant

LOI 100

LOI 200

LOI 300

LOI 325

LOI 400




DDA Layers

Geometrical parameters







Naming of layers:

The providing of data shall take place in accordance with the names of layers mentioned below:


 Earth works - Berm

Jordvold, linjeLinje for jordvoldTX_G_---_Vold-
Jordvold, overfladeOverflade for jordvoldTX_A_FKT_Vold-


 Earth works - Side take

Sidetag, linjeLinje for sidetagTX_G_DTM_Uddyb
Sidetag, overfladeOverflade for sidetagTX_G_DTM_Andre


 Earth works - Terrain modelling

Terrænmodellering, linjeLinje for terrænmodelleringTX_G_DTM_Konst
Terrænmodellering, overfladeOverflade for terrænmodelleringTX_G_DTM_Andre


 Earth works - Set out areas

Udsætningsområde, linjeLinje for udsætningsområdeTX_G_DTM_Depot
Udsætningsområde, overfladeOverflade for udsætningsområdeTX_G_DTM_Andre