The model indicates the shape and placement of the water streams. The model must be modelled so it is possible to calculate the volume to existing terrain.
Depending on the necessary information needed in the different stages the water stream model may contain the following e.g.:


  • Alignment
  • Bottom
  • External boundaries


  • Bottom
  • Sides
  • Slope connection to the existing terrain



The model will be used to build the relocated water streams.
The model is used to give an overview of the necessary relocations of water streams.

LOD 100

LOD 200

LOD 300

LOD 325

LOD 400

LOG 100

LOG 200

LOG 300

LOG 325

LOG 400







Water streams appear as 2D lines. 




Water streams appear as 3D lines indicating the top and bottom of the Water stream.

Reference line indicating center of waterstream.



Water streams appear as 3D with correct shape, volume and material.

Reference line indicating center of waterstream​.




Not relevant




Not relevant​


LOI 100

LOI 200

LOI 300

LOI 325

LOI 400


DDA Layers

Geometrical parameters


DDA Layers

Geometrical parameters

2D text indicating bottom elevation, slope of water stream, side slope and total area.

2D arrows indicating flow direction











Naming of layers:

The providing of data shall take place in accordance with the names of layers mentioned below:​


 Water streams

GræsAreal for græsTX_A_MAT_Graes
Vandløb, VandspejlAreal for vandspejlTX_A_MAT_VandL_Spjl
Vandløb, forlægning skråningsfodLinje for skråningsfod af vandløbTX_K_VND_VandL_SkrB
Vandløb, forlægning skråningssignaturSigatur for skråning af vandløbTX_K_VND_VandL_SkrSg
Vandløb, forlægning skråningstopLinje for skråningstop af vandløbTX_K_VND_VandL_SkrT