He​re you will find how to name the disciplinary models.​

Basis models:

Model File name (syntax) Example ​​Description
​Basic map​ ​10km_area_No.fot.dgn ​10km_604_68.fot.dgn ​Basic map showing existing conditions
​Cadastral map
10km_area_No.mat.dgn 10km_604_68.mat.dgn​ ​Cadestral map contain all property boundaries and ownership data
Survey ​ProjectNo_opm_uf.opm.dgn ​6717_opm_uf.opm.dgn ​Survey data from total stations
Survey​ ProjectNo_opm-digi_uf.opm.dgn
6717_opm-digi_uf.opm.dgn Survey data from mobile mapping​
​Survey ​ProjectNo_dtm_uf.dtm.dgn 6717_dtm_uf.dtm.dgn The model is a collection of data from the different types of survey used. Data are sorted and form the basis of the triangulated terrain model
Existing terrain​ ​ProjectNo_dtm_uf.ttm.dgn ​6717_dtm_uf.ttm.dgn ​Triangulated terrain model
​Seabed level ProjectNo_hav_uf.dtm.dgn 6717_hav_uf.dtm.dgn ​Survey data on which the triangulated seabed level model is based 
​Seabed level ​ProjectNo_hav_uf.ttm.dgn 6717_hav_uf.ttm.dgn
Triangulated model for the seabed level​
Geotechnic​​​​ ​
Geotechnical drilling​ ​ProjectNo_bor_fx.geo.dgn ​6717_bor_f4.geo.dgn ​Geotechnical drilling points
Existing subsurface​ ​ProjectNo_bb_fx.geo.dgn ​6717_bb_f4.geo.dgn ​Model based on geotechnical drilling points showing triangulated bottom level of soft soil
Utilities​ ​
Existing utilities​ ​ProjectNo_fx.led.dgn ​6717_f4.led.dgn​​​​​ ​Model showing exiting utilities and information on utility owners

Designed models:

Model​​​ File name (syntax)​ Example Description​​
​​​Roads and paths​
​Alignment for roads and paths ​ProjectNo_stationing/road name_fx.cl.dgn 6717_11200-16600_f4.cl.dgn
​Alignment for temporary roads and paths
ProjectNo_stationing/road name_int_fx.cl.dgn​
​Corridor for roads and paths ​ProjectNo_stationing/road name_fx.fv.dgn
Corridor for temporary roads and paths​ ProjectNo_stationing/road name_int_fx.fv.dgn
​Clearance for roads and paths ​ProjectNo_stationing/road name_fx.frp.dgn 6717_​11200-16600_f4.frp.dgn
Drainage​ ​ProjectNo_stationing/road name/bridgeNo_fx.afv.dgn
Basins​ ​ProjectNo_stationing/road name_fx.ba.dgn ​6717_33500-40000_f4.ba.dgn
​Water streams ​ProjectNo_stationing/stream name_fx.vl.dgn ​6717_33500-40000_f4.vl.dgn
Structures of bridges and tunnels​ ​ProjectNo_stationing/bridges or tunnel No_fx.bv.dgn ​6717_119-0-007.10_f4.bv.dgn
Minor structures ​ProjectNo_stationing/bridge No_fx.bv.dgn ​6717_0039_f4.bv.dgn
​Major bridge ​ProjectNo_Object_modul line(_under/above)_fx.bv.dgn​ 6717_gir_2S_UD_f4.bv.dgn​
​Major tunnels ​​ProjectNo_stationing/tunnel No_fx.tun.dgn 6717_189-0-011.9_f4.tun.dgn​
Equipment​ ​
Safety barriers ​ProjectNo_Stationing/road name_fx.atv.dgn ​6717_11200-16600_f4.atv.dgn
​Noise barriers ​ProjectNo_Stationing/road name_fx.ssk.dgn ​​6717_11200-16600_f4.ssk.dgn
​Road markings ​ProjectNo_Stationing/Road name_fx.str.dgn ​​6717_11200-16600_f4.str.dgn
​Traffic signs ​ProjectNo_Stationing/Road name_fx.tvl.dgn ​6717_11200-16600_f4.tvl.dgn​
​Traffic signs - elevated view ​ProjectNo_Stationing/Road name_ops_fx.tvl.dgn ​6717_11200-16600_ops_f4.tvl.dgn​
​Marker posts ProjectNo_Stationing/Road name_fx.kpl.dgn​ ​​6717_11200-16600_f4.kpl.dgn
​Fences ProjectNo_Stationing/Road name_fx.hgn.dgn​ ​​6717_11200-16600_f4.hgn.dgn
​Planting ProjectNo_Stationing/Road name_fx.bpl.dgn​ ​​6717_11200-16600_f4.bpl.dgn
​Lighting ProjectNo_Stationing/Road name_fx.lys.dgn​ ​​6717_11200-16600_f4.lys.dgn
​Signal systems ProjectNo_Stationing/Road name_fx.sig.dgn​ ​​6717_11200-16600_f4.sig.dgn
​ITS - Intelligent Transport Systems ProjectNo_Stationing/Road name_fx.its.dgn​ ​​6717_11200-16600_f4.its.dgn
Traffic control
Diversions​ ​ProjectNo_contract No_road/bridge_omk(serialNo)_fx.tra.dgn ​6717_100_vej_omk1_f4.tra.dgn
Construction phases ​ProjectNo_contract No_road/bridge_anl(serial No)_fx.tra.dgn ​6717_100_vej_anl1_f4.tra.dgn
​Temporary road markings ​ProjectNo_contract No_road/bridge_afm_akt(serial No)_fx.tra.dgn​ 6717_100_vej_afm_akt1_f4.tra.dgn​
​Temporary traffic signs ​​ProjectNo_contract No_road/bridge_sk_akt(serial No)_fx.tra.dgn 6717_100_vej_sk_akt1_f4.tra.dgn​
Other​ ​
Noise - calculation per year ​ProjectNo_calculation year_p/u_fx.stj.dgn ​6717_2019_p_f3.stj.dgn
​Noise - difference between two calculations ​ProjectNo_calculation year 1_p/u_calculation year 2_p/u_fx.stj.dgn ​​6717_2016_u_2019_p_f3.stj.dgn
​Work environment ​ProjectNo_Stationing/Road name_fx.arb.dgn ​6717_11200-16600_f4.arb.dgn​
​Earth works ​ProjectNo_Stationing/Road name_fx.trr.dgn ​6717_11200-16600_f4.trr.dgn​
​Clipped terrain ProjectNo_Stationing/Road name_fx.ftm.dgn​ ​​6717_11200-16600_f4.ftm.dgn
​Areas and boundaries - Work site areas, bridges ProjectNo_Stationing/Road name/bridge No_fx.bap.dgn​ ​​6717_15500-15800_f4.bap.dgn
​​Areas and bo​undaries - Expropriation areas​ ​​ProjectNo_Stationing/road name_fx.eks.dgn ​6717_11200-16600_f4.eks.dgn​
​Areas and bo​undaries - Contract boundaries ProjectNo_fx.ent.dgn​ ​​6717_f4.ent.dgn​
​Areas And boundaries - Visibility splay ​ProjectNo_Stationing/road name_fx.ovs.dgn ​​6717_Herningvej_f4.ovs.dgn


Model​​​ File name (syntax)​ Example Description
​​​Checking results
Checking results ​ProjectNo_stationing/road name_fx.ktrl.dgn 6717_11200-16600_f4.ktrl.dgn

Please notice that 'fx' in the file name means phase and should be applied as either: 
  • f1 (phase 1)
  • f2 (phase 2)
  • f3 (phase 3)
  • f3l (phase 3 - line inspection)
  • f3d (phase 3 - detail inspection)
  • f4 (phase 4)
  • f5 (phase 5)
  • uf (applies for all phases)

For Major bridges
Object: fun = foundation, pir = Pier, gir = Girder, pyl = pylon
Modul line: e.g. 1S, 2S, 3S or 1N, 2N, 3N ect.
(under/above) deck: UD = under deck, AD = above deck

For Noise
* p/u stands for:
p = calculation with project
u = calculation without project