The Danish Road Directorates modelstandard is a tool that explains how suppliers shall deliver digital data.

Every content for a disciplinary model is described with different levels of developments (LOD). Contents for a disciplinary model can be changed over time. There for it is possible to download a zip file containing pdf documents of the latest version of every modelstandard. 


BIM infra:

The Danish Road Directorate has made a collaboration with the Rail Net Denmark about commen BIM Standards for the Danish Infrastructure industry called BIM The output of this collaboration is exposed in the requirements of the models which The Danish Road Directorate and Rail Net Denmark have in commen.​

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To download a zip file containing PDF documents of the newest version of the entire Modelstandard, please click the PDF icon and open the zip file.

If you need old versions of the Modelstandard, you can find them here: Click here​


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