The employer wishes to promote communication with the public, so that the public and other stakeholders can obtain quick and easy insight into the project.

To ensure this, the contractor must deliver a 4D simulation of the project in the form of a movie in a standard format that can be read by most media and platforms.

The 4D model must be created as early as possible in the design process and no later than 3 months after the assignment of the task. The tender must include four updates of the model. The updates must be carried out in connection with major changes to the project. Scope and time must be agreed with the employer during the project.

4D-simulation means a visualisation of the total 3D model for the project with min. LOD 325, see the model standard, in relation to the project time schedule.

The simulation must present the principles and the main elements of how the contractor will approach the project based on the time schedule, and must visualise the acutal project with associated temporary structures during the construction phase.